Architects and Designers
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Sellers and Company, David Sellers Warren, VT (802) 496-2787 Covert Family Home
Foley Design Associates, Bill Foley EastPoint, GA (404) 761-1299 Shark's Tooth Club House
Beck Architecture, Don Beck Cincinnati, OH (513) 651-5550 Ritz Carlton
Mark Christopher La Jolla, CA (619) 296-2796
Timberland Design, Jan Donelson St. Louis, MO (314) 374-6363
MossCreek Design, Allan Halcomb Knoxville, TN (865) 637-2166
Rohde Design, Carl Rohde Boulder, CO (303) 444-6498 McKay Family Home
Hearthstone, Inc, Chris Wood Dandridge, TN (865) 471-2182


Developers and RealtorsDouble Rule

Big Woods Properties McElhattan, PA (570)-769-1050
Fish Real Estate Williamsport, PA (570) 326-1561

We have decades of experience with projects of every imaginable style, size, and use: Retail malls, winery headquarters, hotels, restaurants, office space, auto dealerships, clubhouses, lodges, bed and breakfasts, banks, boat houses, barns, recreation buildings, guest cottages and cabins both elegant and rustic, and much more.

We are proud to be a repeat supplier for such discriminating customers as the Ritz Carlton, a prominent NFL owner and developer, government agencies, the Shark’s Tooth Golf Club, and others.

Double Rule

UNIQUE CAPABILITIES   |  Hearthstone has unique capabilities that make us more able than anyone in the world to help you design, engineer, craft, and install a log or timber structure that will immediately convey to your customers that yours is a business of substance, creativity, ingenuity, and dependability. A Hearthstone commercial building is not only a space of uncommon strength, beauty and ambience, but it is also a subtle, timeless marketing force.

How do we promise all this?

  • World class CAD/CAM manufacturing. All of our work is done in highly specialized 3-D true solid modeling software designed in Switzerland specifically for heavy timber CAD/CAM manufacturing. This means that we do the detail work that makes the architectural vision a success. This means that we can make sure the vision will work on the construction site as well as it does in the presentation boardroom. This means that we can solve the most complex of timber joinery issues on the computer, then pass this information directly to the most sophisticated computerized heavy timber joinery cutting machinery in the world.
  • The extremely rare ability to truly dry large timbers in high tech vacuum kilns and radio frequency (microwave) vacuum kilns. Truly drying heavy timbers in the core of the timber — without destroying the timbers — is nearly impossible without vacuum and/or radio frequency kilns. There is no other commercially feasible way to dry timbers to a definable and consistent interior moisture content.
  • World class handcrafting. Sometimes, a design simply requires hand crafting that the computerized machinery won’t do.
  • In-house sourcing, harvesting, and sawing of unique and hard-to-find massive timbers.
  • Structural engineers experienced in commercial heavy timber construction.
  • World-wide installation services.
  • Experience, track record, and reputation.

You can get bids from many companies. But, very, very few have the proven ability to assure an inspirational structure designed and engineered properly as well as delivered and installed on time, as agreed and specified, and at the right combination of quality and price. Hearthstone does that every day and has done it for decades.

You can’t really get to know us just by reading or looking at photos. Come visit us. Call to talk to a professional project manager. Ask for our free commercial project brochure.

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