The Ritz Carlton

Not many log or timber frame companies get to work for The Ritz Carlton. For Hearthstone, however, The Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation is a repeat customer. We have also done work on other projects for both the construction manager and the landscaping contractor on this Ritz job.

Project & Client Story   |   The Ritz Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation was developed as a showcase golf club, hotel, gated community, and recreation area that was close to both Atlanta, and Augusta, which hosts the Masters Golf Tournament. The developer and architect was from Cincinnati, Ohio and the construction manager was from Boca Raton, Florida.

One of the most popular places in that complex is Gaby’s — a timber frame casual dining and bar area near Lake Oconee. The gathering place combines indoor/outdoor design features suitable for all seasons including both an infinity pool and a huge fireplace. The main dining area showcases complex joinery, including a huge central post that anchors the rest of the frame. With open areas and a large timber frame roof that had to resist extensive wind loads, Hearthstone’s heavy timber engineering expertise was essential.

The timber finish was created using Hearthstone’s WeatherAged process that makes the timbers look hundreds of years old. A former motion picture set-designer chose colors and décor to finish the project in a rustic, but not-unsophisticated style. A prominent Atlanta specialist did the landscaping and stonework, and we have since worked for other clients of theirs.

In addition to the restaurant, Hearthstone has done timber framing at the Reynolds Plantation in the ball room and outdoor heavy timber trellises. The original Gaby’s proved so popular that Hearthstone was later invited to do the timber framing for a tripling of the size of the restaurant.

The construction manager found Hearthstone at a trade show in Atlanta where he was researching companies that could provide timber frame structures in various places throughout the Reynolds Plantation project. He found that John Ricketson, a veteran of hundreds of Hearthstone projects, was a guy who could get things done with imagination, competence, and persistence. He also found that Hearthstone’s installation services took a huge load off his mind — especially because the site had exceptionally difficult installation issues.

Restaurant employees say that the customers are always impressed and amazed at the structure and that Gaby’s is their favorite place at the hotel. It seems that even within a setting as prestigious as a Ritz Carlton complex, timber framing can create a memorable edge and business advantage.

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