The Covert Family Home

Dan Covert found the perfect 1600 acre hunting preserve in South Carolina, then set into motion one of the most innovative, charismatic, spectacularly-detailed hunting lodge you will ever see. The marriage of everyone’s unbridled imagination (Dan’s, two architects, a bevy of local craftsmen, and Hearthstone’s) with unique materials from the site resulted in a unique structure that is fully reflective of the owner’s imagination.

Project & Client Story   |   This project in Colleton County, South Carolina happened because of extraordinary contributions from a creative and dedicated owner in the Midwest, two different architects in the Northeast (one of whom moved to South Carolina to handle the construction), an on-site sawmill, willing craftsmen with the right attitude, and a host of other extraordinary contributors.

But, the hub around which the log and timber work turned was Hearthstone. Very few companies in the world could have pulled this project together. Perhaps no other company in the world could have done it.

It’s a hunting lodge on 1600 acres; it’s almost 6,000 square feet; and the detail in every nook and cranny is almost beyond description. The pictures pretty much speak for the larger details — like the enormous cypress trees that hold up the roof, but some examples of the smaller details: shotguns as grab bars and door handles — deer antler (from the property) door handles — historical tapestries — an antique canoe hanging over the dining room — native plants and wildflower landscaping… and much more. Many of the unique details evolved as the project was built.

The homeowner’s major regret, or advice? First of all, he should have built it a little bigger. He edited out two bedrooms during the design process… and had to add them back later. His other major regret: “should have done it sooner”. These are the two most common regrets we hear — whether the project is $150,000, or $3 million.

Not too many of us have this kind of budget. But, then again, not all of Hearthstone’s projects require this kind of budget. We build in every size range, and we do it with the same talent and dependability that is showcased with this hunting lodge.

For more about this project, call the Hearthstone Project Manager who managed the process from beginning to end: Chris Wood at either (740) 453-6542, extension 103 — or his cell phone at 865-368-5165.

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