The Green Family Home

Maryann & Kendrick wanted a home that looked — both inside and out — as it had grown there over many generations. They personalized every aspect from overall architecture to specialized plastering into a kaleidoscope of ingenious details.

Project & Client Story   |   The Greens wanted something that many of our customers want: a home that looks like it not only grew there, but had a history, or a life, there. It was designed to look as if different wings of the house were added on over the years — just as would have been the case if it had been 150 years old.

Maryann and Kendrick spent a great deal of creativity and effort detailing the interior so that it looked like it had survived many generations: things like painting, and partially scraping off, many layers of paint. She also did some plastering and intentionally left in defects, and a bit of crumbling, to give the worn-but-comfortable look she wanted throughout the home. Her mantra? “Give me old, ugly, and comfortable”. Of course, there’s nothing ugly about it… just unique.

This is one of the more personalized homes we’ve ever built. The customers put seemingly endless stamps of individuality and creativity everywhere you look. For example, the mud room was made big enough to double as a wildflower growing and processing space… there is a drive-through garage that eliminates the nuisance of someone “parking-in” the vehicles in the garage… there is a place on a wall where every craftsman or company who worked on the home left “their mark” with their tools… and much more.

The home is crafted with huge logs that have the natural contours on the top and bottom of the logs, and is about 3500 square feet. It is a retirement home, but is designed for frequent visits from the children and grandchildren.

For more about this project, call the Hearthstone Project Manager who managed the process from beginning to end: Chris Wood at either (740) 453-6542, extension 103 — or his cell phone at 865-368-5165.

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